EX-560/575/570 series are quite different from the pack: LCD is Uniwell's original with incredible brightness and clearness and very wide view angle. It fits in any operational environment! Further, a choice of multi-lined items or single enlarged PLU display method and blue or white background color will meet various user's preference.

Rich information contents on LCD guides you through accurate operations not only during registration but also programming - easy to grasp registered items and make void/correction with scrolling function, to program a PLU with name, price, stock control, and other settings all at once (Complete PLU Programming). Once learned, you may do away with programming manual!

Choice of printer meets various industries' needs - durable 2 station dot matrix printers, quiet and fast 1 station/2 station thermal printers.

Highlights of 05 type are Complete Quantity Discount table, Coupon function, Barcode print function, Scanner/Scale connection with price/weight embedded barcodes.

Further EX-560/575/570 series offer advanced memory functions, such as Amount Track, Customer File, optional ESF (Electronic Store & Forward, electronic journal data)

The standard interface allows communication with other EX terminals, slip printers, and one of the peripherals such as PC, scanner or cashless payment system, etc. or more when the optional interface installed.

» LCD display (21 digits, 8 lines) with scroll functions
» Scanning system with 18 digits random PLU code having 22 digits PLU name
» Standard 2026 PLUs, Max. 56076 PLUs (option)
» User friendly PLU programming in R & SP positions
» Bottle deposit / bottle return function by using 341 R. PLU (Recyclable PLU)
» 300 quantity discount tables for mix and match, multi-buy registrations, etc.
» Store / Vendor Coupon function
» 99 cashiers with its own full transaction memory
» 2048 amount tracks and external amount track function
» one store memory for saving all contents of the current transaction
» 1024 customer files make records of telephone number or VAT number, name and address - these information are issued on receipts for delivery service market, etc. (optional 1st RAM board required)
» 3 age limitation tables - item linked to age limitation table can be sold when entered customer's birthday is over the programmed limit
» 25 media keys + 10 preset tender keys
» Euro currency system
» 10 arrangement keys (50 key steps)
» Scroll Void
» Transaction Void
» Bar code printed on receipt (thermal only)
» Easy-to-See total discount amount on receipt
» 15887 ESF records (optional 1st RAM board required)
» PC batch communication, programming loader module PLM 2000
» Scale link