Digital Signage


Intuitive.From installation to everyday maintenance, creating day-parts to creating your own advertising. ElectroMenu makes your projects intuitive and easy to manage at any technical skill. Simple.Simple to install. Simple to design. Simple to use. ElectroMenu is simply you. Attractive.ElectroMenu is designed from the ground up to be custom tailored to your needs. Like a tailored suit, ElectroMenu fits just right, looks great and commands attention. Attention measured in returns. Versatile.ElectroMenu is a system for organizing and displaying graphical content. It is this simple concept that allows ElectroMenu to have virtually endless uses. Menu Board, advertising and marketing, information booths, etc, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
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ElectroMenu® is the answer for all of your digital menu, marketing and advertising needs.  Move your business into tomorrow, today.  Stunning graphics and ease of use highlight the many features that ElectroMenu brings to the table. Decrease labor costs, printing costs and eliminate missed sales opportunities.

  • No ongoing fees

  • ​Increase sales​

  • Reduce perceived wait times

  • Influence customer purchase decisions

  • Improve communication with your customers