Uniwell AX-3000

A flexible, all in one ePOS system to satisfy a wide range of market sectors.

Perfect for any hospitality or retail environment.  The system can be configured to suit such a wide range of different market sectors. Pubs or Nightclubs, Restaurants or Cafes, QuickService, Catering or Hotels; the AX-3000 has got it covered.

The AX-3000 all in one POS solution combines the rock solid reliability and performance of embedded POS terminals with the flexibility of PC based technology.  The unique hardware design will deliver lightning fast performance year after year without the need for expensive hardware or software upgrades. The graphical user interface (GUI) can be customized to suit each individual business, simplifying operations and minimizing staff training time and cost. Ther versatile mounting options means it will fit where you want it.

AX-3000 Features

  • 15" color TFT touch screen display
  • User friendly operation with rich GUI (Graphical User Interface): users are well guided through all the operations even without manuals or training.
  • Quick access to what you need by categorized groups of PLU's and Function buttons. Areas of PLU's, Function buttons, transaction screen, etc. are flexibly configured according to the convenience of users.
  • Easy-to-use Table Plan enables drag & drop operation to move, transform and create tables, etc. in sales mode. Table status of subtotal amount, table-opening time/duration and customer name help better table service.
  • Built-in stock control : Stock of items is shared between terminals in the network and notifies operators at certain re-ordering level of stock.
  • Customer File function : a list of customers with last visit and credit amount information enables speedy pick-up and better customer service.
  • Realtime/Multitasking operation with handheld order entry terminals (e.g. Orderman) & belt printer.
  • Barcode scanner interface and scale link : for Hospitality and Retail markets
  • Meal Deal (Advanced Mix & Match) offers various types of discounts
  • Security levels with passwords for sales, report and program.
  • Customizable print format for various bills, tickets, reports.
  • Loyalty function : various types of built-in loyalty features available.
  • Timed reports push-up and realtime price change : reports can be pushed up to the server at designated interval with a choice to download updated program file if existing on the server.
  • CashGuard interface : coin/note recyclers can be connected for customers to handle cash themselves, convenient for businesses like bakeries, etc. where clerks are prohibited to touch money in terms of hygiene.
  • Caller ID interface : a telephone number of incoming call can be transferred to AX-3000 to prompt an operator to pick up a Customer File or create a new one.
  • Web ordering solution : Online orders can be transferred to AX-3000 to process the orders. Customers can pick up the foods without standing in a queue for busy restaurants (under development by Mobo2go).
  • Handheld link : AX-3000 can work with Orderman, or Uniwell's genuine solution, Android handheld software "Phoenix".
  • TCP-IP/Serical Loyalty/Room feature : Transaction data can be transferred to a server for loyalty program, or to be merged to room charge at a hotel, via either serial or TCP-IP communication.
  • Flexible report : periodical report is available with parameter entry for print or display.
  • Remote communication : FTP comm. enables remote firmware update, preset data modification, and sales report push-up to remote FTP sever for web based sales analysis.
  • Highspeed communication : Ethernet 100 Mbps access for rapid report/data polling, program update and data transfer between PC, kitchen printers and other ePOS terminals in a network.
  • Portable storage devices : 4 x USB ports for quick on-site software update, data collection and data backup.
  • Customer display support : Customer display "AP704A" is newly supported so that two or more Condiment PLUs are displayed even when the multi-line customer display "AP704A" is used.