Uniwell DX-795 D3

A compact, entry level Touch Screen POS.

Low cost yet high performance general retail and simple food service, currently using cash registers.

Key Features for Retail and Hospitality

Retail Features

  • Scanning - A standard scanner interface port provides the facility to connect a wide choice of different scanner types - from hand held through to fixed mounted. The DX-795 supports both source marked and in-store codes including EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, weight and price embedded, add-on 5 and ISBN.
  • Customer Loyalty - Using the Fidelity Total Loyalty software retailers can run their own in house loyalty schemes just like the major high street retailers.
  • Easy to Add New Items - When scanner finds a not registered item, operator will be asked to create as a new item. Instead of entering the all info from scratch, a new item can be quickly created by duplicating a master item that has many common data, and then changing only unique data (such as name and price).
  • Mix and Match - Eleven kinds of Mix & Match plans are available. It will provide wide range of discount offers to the customer, who can choose the item of their preferences. ex. Buy two and get third item free etc.

Hospitality Features

  • Combo Menu - Creating a transaction by single button as a set menu, but with original price data of each composing PLU and discounted amount of especially coupon for a set menu. Therefore, precise stock/sales control is possible.
  • Customer File - Up to 9999 customers' TEL number, VAT #, name, address can be recorded. Very convenient when issuing the bills, especially for delivery service etc.
  • Customer Invoice - Offers a frequent customer with a decent invoice for a certain period of a week, a month or so with details of transcations, convenient for hotel, company's cafeterias, etc.
  • Table Plan - Complete table management covering multiple locations and different range of tables per clerk. Table status can be known by color - reserved, seated, ordered, check-out bill issued, paid, cleaning, vacant.
  • Real Time Stock Control by Group/PLU - In Ethernet IRC network (Uninet), Real-Time Stock Control among multiple ECRs is available.