LP1000N Label Printing Scale

Rich, easy to use label printing scale. Perfect for supermarkets, specialty stores, and delicatessens, and is legal for trade.

Uses the most popular label formats. 4,000 PLU's, easy to set up and user friendly. 

Perfectly designed price computing scale for any food service environment.  54 preset pricing keys and the flexibility to choose the number of PLU's. Easy to pre-program your items, prices, and ingredients into the UPC scale which means a reduction in errors.  An optional pole display is also available to make the display of weights easy for both you and your consumer to read the scale.

Product Description:

  • 30 x 0.01 lbs / 15 x 0.05 kg
  • 5/6/7 (Weight/Unit/Total)
  • Scale to Scale PLU Data Transfer
  • Scale to PC & PC to Scale Data Transfer
  • 54 Speed Keys
  • 4,000 PLU
  • 50 Character x 8 Line per PLU
  • 58 mm x 30 mm ~ 58 mm x 100 mm
  • AC 120V, 60 Hz
  • 16.1(W) x 16.9(D)x7.8(H)
  • Legal for Trade