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ER-260EJ (R)

ECR with single station printer and electronic journal.  Raised keyboard.


Programming - $150

Commercial Grade ECRs

These budget friendly, powerful electronic cash registers meet the needs of many merchants by providing big system features in a compact package.

Choose from the ER-260EJ raised keyboard or ER-265EJ flat keyboard style.

Each stores detailed sales journal data so it can be printed on demand in a variety of formats, conveniently saved locally to an SD card or USB drive or exported to a connected PC. 

• Fast 15 Lines per Second Thermal Printing with Drop and Print Paper Loading

• Two-Line, 16 Character, Blue Backlit, AlphaNumeric, LCD Operator and Customer Displays

• Choice of Raised-Key or Flat Spill-Resistant Programmable Keyboard with 15 Keyboard PLUs

• 3 Standard Serial Ports and 1 USB Port Support PC Communications and Optional Peripherals

• USB Port for USB Flash Drive or Scanner

• Supports Semi-Integrated Electronic Payments for EMV Credit, Debit, Gift Card and EBT Transactions


SAM4s ER-260EJ is Great For  Retail Merchants

Applications: Retail, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Beer/Wine/ Liquor, Specialty Food, Produce, Meat, Main Street Merchants

The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 15 keyboard PLU keys. 

Keyboard PLUs act like traditional departments for open-priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. 

Large key size ensures easy-to-read key labels. 

Merchants who wish to scan can build their PLU file on the fly using the not-found PLU registration feature.