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Electronic cash register, with touch screen and a flat keyboard. Dual station, thermal receipt printer.


Programming - $150

Featuring a hybrid design, combined fast and simple entry with an intuitive operator display. The easily configured for your beverage or retail business provides the functions you need to meet your service needs. An extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly bundle - each SPS-500 includes a high quality international-style cash drawer, high-speed thermal printer(s), a rear customer display, and consumes less than 25 watts. The 7"" Color Touch Screen can be configured to guide the operator through choices of flavors, toppings, condiments, and instructions. If you sell a combo meal, a screen or series of screens can display to reflect the combo choices. If the item requires condiments or instructions, the screen can lead your operator through options and additional choices. 
The SPS-500 series ECRs can be connected in a fast and reliable Ethernet-style network. Networking supports report data consolidation, ECR programming, payment authorizations, polling, plus printer and video requisition routing. A basic time and attendance system provides payroll ready data for your in-house payroll system or payroll service.

  •  Dual Input for Greater Convenience (Keyboard & Touch)
  •  Customizable 7" Color Touch Screen LCD
  •  Flat Keyboard
  •  2 1/4" Receipt and Journal Thermal Printers
  •  Drop-In Paper Loading and Automatic Paper Cutting
  •  Standard Ethernet Network Support (Up to 32 terminals)
  •  Built in IRC (Inter Register Communication)
  •  4 x RS-232C Communication Ports
  •  2 USB Ports for Keyboard and USB Stick (Save/Load Programs)
  •  Integrated Electronic Payments Insure Speed, Security and Efficiency
  •  Up to 60,000 PLU Capacity
  •  Over 60 Reports (Daily/Monthly/Quarterly etc.)
  •  Hard/Soft Check Tracking
  •  Up to 4 Separate Tracking Files
  •  Electronic Journal
  •  Group by Employee Reporting
  •  System Reports by PLU Item Sales, Sales by Group, Employee Sales with Full Financial
  •  Heavy-Duty Cash Drawer with 5 bill / 8 coin
  •  Adjustable Coin Insert with Two Media Slots.
  •  Management X and Z reports include financial, PLU, clerk, group and sales by hour.
  •  Automatic Tax Computation for Up To 6 Rates or Tables
  •  10 Media Keys: Cash, Check and Up To 8 Charge Keys