Partner Tech - Alfred Series
Self-Service Kiosks

Partner Tech’s Innovative Kiosk Solutions.

Level up your service with a self-service kiosk at the checkout. Alfred series automates ordering and checkout at restaurants or stores and speeds up check-in and registration at hospitals and corporate offices.

Convenient & Fast Self-Service 

Offer your customers the convenience of a self-service kiosk instead of waiting in long lines. Alfred AD-215 self-service kiosk with a touch display offers industrial grade performance with a high-quality design for an efficient and interactive customer experience in all types of environments – from self-ordering in a quick service restaurant to checkout at the store or registration at doctor’s office. 
  • Reduce lines and waiting times.
  • Increase throughput during peak hours
  • Increase average order size
  • Improve order accuracy

Floor Stand or Countertop Stand.
It’s Your Choice.

Floor space comes at a premium and space is limited in many retail and hospitality environments. That’s why we designed Alfred to take up minimum space. Choose between a space saving floor stand or a countertop version to meet your space requirements. A VESA wall mount is also available.

Key Features

Optional Features

Not sure what you need for your business?

AtlasPOS will review your current business and create a customize solution that works for you and your customers while keeping within your budget.